July 28, 2021

TPB On the Web

I am pleased to welcome everyone to the new Party Bunker site. For those of you just joining us, The Party Bunker has been a two-year long exercise in community-building and information sharing primarily on the chat platform Discord. From those humble beginnings, we have every intention of broadening The Party Bunker into a more robust online community, fully self-sufficient and providing unique perspectives and complex analyses of the issues facing today’s societies and individuals. To put it more bluntly, we’ve had problems with censorship and content policy on platforms before, and unless we take our content into our own hands, who knows what’ll happen to it next? We can now proudly declare – our site, our rules.

There is a deep need for a platform like The Party Bunker- we aim to provide community-driven content across a wide variety of subject matters, ideas that are neither apolitical nor moderate, but difficult to map onto conventional political paradigms and a free forum for serious discourse on bold new theories about the world that may not align with prevailing narratives. To this end, we are very interested in user submitted articles and essays, as well as user suggestions and commentary. If you’ve managed to find us, you’re probably in the right place.

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